Tales Of The Reckless (Acoustic Demo)

by Future Kings

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An acoustic demo of our track, "Tales Of The Reckless".


Cat-like eyes and her poison tongue,
You can hedge your bets that she’s come unstrung,
Crying in anguish at the fading sun,
Get a grip boy what’s done is done.

Staring deep into the blue lagoon,
I’ll keep my promise girl I’ll bring you the moon.
I won’t get tired through the sleet and rain,
Whatever it takes to forget his pain.

I won’t be heard, ‘cause it’s falling on deaf ears.
I can’t be heard, 'cause they’re forcing their ideals.

Constellations put her name in lights,
Better watch those fingers ‘cause she sure can bite.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,
But the shameful truth is a girl forlorn.

He fucked his girlfriend and his gloating wife,
Just to send a message; destroy his life.
Some might say that he’s lost his mind,
But that ruthless cunt thinks he’s been far too kind.

I won’t be heard, ‘cause it’s falling on deaf ears.
I can’t be heard, 'cause they’re forcing their ideals.

They sit alone and they pay the price,
Foaming at the mouth for that extra slice.
Didn’t pay their dues now the well’s run dry,
They don’t deserve your tears so there’s no need to cry.


released March 28, 2014
Written by Sean Keller & Aj McQuillan.

©. COPYRIGHT 2015 Future Kings. All publishings of this audio recording are copyrighted to Future Kings 2015 (KELLER, S. MCQUILLAN, A. BAKER, B. PATEL, K.)



all rights reserved


Future Kings Gloucester, UK

Future Kings are a 4-piece indie/alternative-rock band hailing from Gloucestershire in the south-west of England.

With a unique sound that draws on elements from artists such as Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bloc Party the band combines a focus on powerful vocals and infectious melodies, with coruscating guitar riffs and high-energy live performances.
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